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Emergent Readers


Apple Lowercase Emergent Reader
Apple Emergent Reader

Apple Book (c)

Count the Apples Emergent Reader (bw)
My Apple Alphabet Emergent Reader (bw)

Mr. Cheeks Counting Emergent Reader
Mr. Cheeks Finds the Missing Letter Emergent Reader

Counting Pumpkins Emergent Reader
Find the Missing Pumpkin Emergent Reader

Pumpkin Big Book

Scarecrow – Pumpkins Emergent Reader
Scarecrow – Pumpkins Emergent Reader 2

Candy Corn Flipbook (c)
Candy Corn Alphabet Emergent Reader (bw)
Find the Missing Letter Emergent Reader (bw)

Mitten Alphabet Emergent Reader
Mitten Missing Alphabet Letter Emergent Reader
Mitten Counting Emergent Reader
Mitten Missing Number Emergent Reader

Stocking Emergent Reader 1
Stocking Emergent Reader 2

Stocking Emergent Reader 3
Stocking Emergent Reader 4

Gingerbread Friend Counting Book 1
Gingerbread Friend Counting Book 2

Weather Little Book w/ words (bw)
Weather Little Book – Blank (bw)






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