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How To

I receive a lot of emails asking me about various methods for printing, laminating, and overall usage of printables. I thought I would put some of the information down here so that others can benefit from it.


Adding Text to Printables:


Normally, I add blank templates into a series of printables that I am creating. You need a graphic program such as Paint Shop Pro, or Photoshop to be able to add text. It doesn’t work to insert into Word or another program like that. A little hint, you can usually pick up versions of the graphic programs from Ebay rather inexpensively. I recently purchased the current version of Paint Shop Pro for $20.00 and it retails for over $100.




When printing materials, I use a lightweight cardstock from Walmart. It runs usually a dollar or so more than regular paper and comes in different colors. The cardstock can be laminated, and the pieces tend to last longer.




I have used a variety of materials for lamination. I still like the ol’ standby of using clear contact paper. It’s cheap, one roll laminates quite a bit, and it’s something that can be picked up at the local store. I have also used some lamination pouches, but I generally don’t use too many of those because the cost is a little more than I want to pay for individual pieces. Since I do not have a classroom of my own, I don’t really need to invest in the lamintation.


In my next life, I’d like to buy one of those really big heat laminators like they use in schools. I used to spend a lot of time and money at Lakeshore Learning. I would buy up materials and have them laminated before I went home. 🙂 Those were the days!




** I will add more to this as time goes on… I need to go back thru my files and see what questions I have answered


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