Do you have a scheduled time with your children where you come together and talk about the weather, calendar, or even world events?


Circle Time can be anything that you make of it. I have heard some teachers tell me that they have trouble getting the kids to sit still, or follow along. Right there that tells me 2 things: a) the children aren’t engaged in the activty and b) the activity time isn’t consistent each day.


Circle Time should be a FUN time where children can talk about things that interest them, not just about testing their skills.


You may choose to open your circle time with a good morning song such as:

Good morning to you!

Good morning to you!

We’re all in our places,
With bright shinging faces,

We’re happy to be here,

Good morning to you!




One method I have used in the past to focus the children’s attention and have them sit properly on their bottoms is to purchase little carpet reminants. They are generally just right for a young child to sit with their legs crossed and hands folded and remain on the rectangle.


They stack up easily, and wear nicely too! You need a method like this to teach children how to sit still properly. It just doesn’t work to keep telling Johnny or Suzie to sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down!!!


The more techniques you can put in place and be consistent with, the smoother your activity times will be.


Children really like to compete, and will try to get and keep your attention. So why not make a game out of knowing the days of the week, or what the weather is like outside?


I have made a pocket chart for the weather, and on my other website I have a lot of various printables for the days of the week and months of the year.


Bright and cheerful props will also engage the children in your care.


Circletime Alphabets

Stocking / Santa Alphabet Match 1 (c)
Stocking / Santa Alphabet Match 2 (c)

Stocking Circletime Alphabet (c)
Stocking Circletime Alphabet (bw)

Gingerbread Circletime Alphabet (c)
Gingerbread Circletime Alphabet (bw)

Candy Corn Uppercase Alphabet (c)
Candy Corn Lower Case Alphabet (c)


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