Recycled Crafts


Recycled Crafts


Are you a pack rat of recycled mateials and don’t know what to do with it all?


One of the best field trips I ever took my classes on was to a little shop in the middle of nowhere called the Creation Station. This was a recycling depository for the county. The lady who owned it thought that there were so many neat recyclables that she opened up this shop and allowed kids to come in and create.


I have always thought that was one of the coolest places for kids to go and make a mess!


The following is a list of recycleables that you may already have on hand. If you are ever short for an activity, it’s great to pull out a box of recycleables and let the kids create whatever they want. It’s fun to watch their imaginations wander!




Film canisters

egg cartons

milk cartons

stickers from meat packaging

bingo dobbers

styrofoam meat containers

old CD’s

cassette tape cases

styrofoam popcorn


cereal boxes

old magazines

shoe boxes

paper scraps

babyfood jars

old pill bottles (make sure these are washed out first)


shredded paper

computer paper

pvc pipe pieces




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