Quilt Squares


Quilt Squares


Quilts remind me of a warm, wonderful feeling that goes great with hot cocoa and freshly baked banana bread. While trying to create new and exciting materials to share, I came up with the idea of creating printable quilt squares. These can be used in all sorts of differet lessons. Designed to fit on a 8 x 11 piece of paper, they can be made out of tagboard, scraps of paper, felt, wallpaper samples or even fabric pieces.

Each month, I will provide a template for the quilt squares. By the end of the school year (Sept. thru June), you would have 10 quilt squares.

This might spark some creativity, and give cause to exchange quilt squares with other teachers or providers across the globe.




Save and then open, the color
version is a bit large in size.

School Days (c)
School Days (bw)



Hogs n Kisses (c)
Hogs n Kisses (bw)


Polar Bear (c)
Polar Bear (bw)


Classic Santa (c)
Classic Santa (bw)


Turkey in the Straw (c)
Turkey in the Straw (bw)


Leaf (c)
Leaf (bw)
Pumpkin (c)
Pumpkin (bw)


Apples Jubilee 🙂


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