Terms of Use


Terms of Use

It is a shame that these terms even have to be written. Unfortunately, in this day and age of technology people think that if it’s online (or even offline) that it’s ok to copy. It is important to understand what copyrights are, and how they affect writers, graphic artists, and published materials.

I own the copyright for every printable that is on this website unless otherwise noted. The artwork is copyright protected by the individual artist. I have either paid for, or have made agreements with artists that has artwork represented on this website.

Printables contained on this website may be printed out and used for individual, classroom, or child care use. These materials may not be put in a shared file system (like ICQ), placed on individual or commercial websites, distributed on Yahoogroups, or sold under any circumstances.

If you would like to share these materials with other teachers, please
provide the link to www.kinderprintables.com

This page, and all of the pages contained within the websites Kinder Printables, Classroom Centers, Supporting Providers, and Little Farm Books are protected by Copyscape, and P.R.I.N.T.

By downloading these materials, you are accepting the Terms of Use regardless if you have read them or not.

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