Turtle Measuring Activity (c)
Directions: Print and cut out turtle measuring strips.
Find out how many turtles make up the length of a desk,
door, height of a friend…etc. 🙂

Turtle Puzzle (bw)

Turtle :: Counting by 5’s (c)

Turtle Months of the Year

*Note* This is a large file, it may be
best to save it first and then open.

Turtle Ordinal Numbers Part 2 (c)

Turtle Ordinal Numbers Part 1 (c)
Turtle Days of the Week Abbreviated (c)

Turtle Uppercase Alphabet Tracing (c)

Turtle Lower Case Alphabet Tracing (c)

Turtle Days of the Week (c)
Turtle Tracing Numbers (c)

Turtle Calendar Numbers (c)

(This file may take a few minutes to load. Please be
patient. It may be best to right mouse click, and
Save As before trying to


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