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This portion of the Kinder Printables website is dedicated to children that have Autism.

There is so much about Autism that is not known, but more and more children (and adults) seem to be diagnosed with it.

This page is going to grow and expand as I create new materials. Right now there are a few little books that I have put together. I will be adding to this quite frequently until this page is all filled up.

What prompted me to create this section was 2 fold. A dear friend of mine has a relative that has Autism. In order for me to be able to help, I needed to know more about it. The more I looked online for materials for autistic children, the more disenchanted I became at the prices that were being charged for the tools that are necessary to teach these children to function on a daily basis. That was what lead to my second reason. Ebay was one of the biggest disappointments because the people who need the materials the most surely couldn’t afford them. I decided to create some free materials with the hope that it would help.

If you have a suggestion, or would like me to see if I can create something for you, please email me at






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