Creating a Time Capsule with Things
Around the House

Time Capsules are a great way to preserve items from today, to share with future generations. I remember when I was in school, we saved items from our class to be opened many years later. We saved things like CD's, VHS Tapes, photographs, newspaper clippings, locks of hair, and many other little treasures that future generations would understand came from the 80's.

Creating a time capsule with your class/kids is a great activity, and it doesn't cost a lot to prepare.

The Container: You need a container that will not fall apart after years (if you decide to bury it). I have 2 containers that I have chosen for demonstration purposes. One is a plastic coffee container. The lid fits on snug, and it's durable enough to withstand the elements. The other container is a colostrum milk container from my goat supplier. The lid on this container screws on, and is made of a heavy plastic.

How to preserve contents: You can purchase really small ziplock bags, or envelopes at any craft store. I bought the little bags in the photograph for $1.50 at Walmart and there were over 100 in the package. Envelopes of varying shapes and sizes are also pretty good to use. Keeping everything in ziplock bags will aid in preventing moisture from damaging the items stored in the time capsule.

What to include in your time capsule: You can put anything in your time capsule. The important thing is to share with whoever may open it years later a little bit about yourself.

Newspapers chronolizing specific dates in time
Grocery ads or coupons
DVD's or musical CD's
small toys
Postcards from a certain location or trip
a letter written to the future (who may find or open the time capsule)




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